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Basic knowledge of oil seal

December 16, 2021

Oil seal is the customary name for general seals. As the name implies:


   oil seal is used to seal oil (oil is the most common liquid substance in the transmission system, but also refers to the mechanical


components of general liquid substances. From the sealing function, characteristics, and structure of the oil seal ,


Working state and sealing mechanism can be divided into various forms and different names, but it is customary that the rotary


shaft lip seal is called oil seal, and the seals for static and dynamic seals (generally reciprocating) are called mechanical seals.


Generally speaking, The definition of the seal is of little significance. It is more focused on the practical application of the oil seal


and the role played in solving the leakage of the sealing device.



Oil seals are required for all parts that have liquid lubricating oil in the operating body box and are connected to the outside.


Some are rubber, some are metal, and most are steel-bonded rubber, such as crankshaft rear oil seals, gearbox front and rear oil seals,


left and right half shaft oil seals, main reducer front oil seals, air compressor crankshaft oil seals, etc.