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Causes and solutions of oil seal leakage

August 17, 2021


  As the development concept of green and environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, many enterprises in my country


have made efforts and achieved remarkable results in the high efficiency of energy.


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  Six years ago, an abnormal leak occurred in the main fan unit of a refinery in a factory, which directly caused the shutdown of the device. The


unit is composed of hood, axial fan, gearbox, motor and other system components and auxiliary subsystems. After a comprehensive analysis


of the unit, the main reasons for oil seal leakage are summarized as follows:



1. Due to the relatively backward manufacturing conditions of the raw materials of the oil seal body for the installation of the oil seal, the


castings need to be manually relieved of stress to prevent deformation. When the original factory handled it, the effect did not meet


expectations, which caused the oil seal to deform after working in a high-temperature and high-speed environment for a period of time, so that


its end surface could not fit well with the main sealing surface of the main body, and there were leakage points between the sealing surfaces. .



2. The design of the oil seal was flawed. The oil seal used at that time had a half-centre split structure. During long-term operation, the crude


oil seal material hardened and deformed, which made it unable to fit well with the shaft surface, resulting in the half-centre split position. The


shaft is severely worn, and the gap between the upper and lower parts is too large, resulting in oil leakage points.



3. The length of the oil seal tension spring is too long, and the tension is not enough, resulting in insufficient oil seal holding force, the upper


and lower halves of the oil seal are separated during operation, resulting in leakage points.


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4. The distance between the bearing bush and the oil seal is too close, and the oil splashed out from the side of the bearing bush during


operation is too large. Only one oil seal cannot produce a good sealing effect, resulting in liquid leakage.



5. When designing the oil seal, the oil seal body and the oil seal are all split in half. During the production and manufacturing, the split surface


of the half is not precision-processed on the grinder after being cut, resulting in a poorly cut surface Fit, this also creates a leak point.



In response to the above problems, the predecessors have tailored solutions for it.



  The first is to improve the oil seal material, from the original cast low carbon steel to medium carbon steel, so that the density of the raw


material increases, and then after heat treatment, the oil seal body reaches the best use condition after heat treatment. The tensile strength of


steel is greater than 600MPa, and the yield strength is also greater than 355MPa. The elongation and shrinkage are both greater than 16%


and 40%, respectively. The improvement of materials alone is not enough to solve the problem of oil seal leakage, and efforts must be made


in the process.



  In the manufacturing process, the half-split surface is ground on a grinder. In order to make the sealing surface tighter, the predecessors are


equipped with O-rings in the sealing groove of the sealing surface of the end surface.

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  In addition, the predecessors also improved the material of the oil seal. According to the working environment of the oil seal, customized


3026 phenolic laminate composite insulation material with high load and wear resistance, and redesigned the oil return hole to control the gap


between 0.52-0.6mm. between.


  Finally, there are plans to change the holding force of the spring in the oil seal. Due to the excessive amount of oil between the bearing bush


and the oil seal, an oil baffle ring was added to the front end of the oil seal during the transformation, and the gap between the shaft and the


shaft was controlled between 0.8-0.95mm. The toothed structure was selected to make it 80% in operation. % Of the oil block. During


installation, apply liquid sealant on the sealing surface, and install a dust-proof seal on the outside. After the above transformation, the anti-


leakage effect is remarkable.