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Causes of permanent deformation of O-rings

February 12, 2022


1. Factors of O-ring compression and tension


Because the formulations of O-ring sealants are different, the compression and tension of O-rings produced by different companies are also different. The product will produce compressive stress relaxation phenomenon under long-term compression. This phenomenon will gradually expand due to the extension of time. As time goes on, the amount of compression and tension will be smaller, so that the O-ring seal The lack of elasticity of the ring causes leakage. The most effective solution is to expand the cross-sectional size of the product, but it will also cause the product to expand in structure.


2. The relationship between temperature and O-ring relaxation process


Temperature is very important to the relaxation of the O-ring. No matter what kind of rubber material, it will accelerate its aging speed at high temperature. When the temperature in the environment is higher, the deformation of air compression will be more obvious. When the deformation of the product exceeds 40%, the elastic capacity of the O-ring will gradually weaken, causing leakage.


3. The influence of medium working pressure on the deformation of O-ring


The pressure of the working medium is the key factor that causes the permanent deformation of the O-ring. At present, the working pressure of hydraulic equipment is increasing, and the O-ring seal will be permanently deformed due to long-term high pressure. Therefore, when designing, it is necessary to select a suitable pressure-resistant rubber material according to the working pressure. For example, the higher the working pressure, the higher the hardness and high pressure resistance of the material used.


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