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Complete seal ring, I have everything you want

July 28, 2021


1. NBR nitrile rubber sealing ring



  It is suitable for petroleum-based engine oil, alcohol-based engine oil, diester grease, gasoline, water, silicone grease, dimethyl silicone oil


and other chemical substances. It is currently the most widely applicable rubber and plastic products with the least cost. It is not suitable for


polar solvents, such as macrolides, ozone, fluorobenzene, MEK and chloroform. The general operating temperature range is -40~120 ℃.



2. HNBR esterification reaction nitrile rubber sealing ring


  It has good corrosion resistance, resilience and resistance to small deformation, and has very good resistance to ozone, sunlight and


temperature. It has better wear resistance than nitrile rubber. It can be used in washing equipment, diesel engine systems, and refrigeration


units using the new eco-environmental protection refrigerant R134a. It is not recommended to be used in solutions that substitute


hydrocarbons, lipids or alicyclics. The general operating temperature range is -40~150 ℃.



3. SIL Silicone Rubber Sealing Ring


  It has good heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance and gas aging resistance. Has very good cable sheath performance. However,


the tensile strength is worse than that of general rubber materials and there is no wear resistance. Home appliances such as household water


heaters, electric irons, microwave ovens, etc. can be used. It can also be used with all kinds of articles that come into contact with the human


body, such as tea sets, vertical drinking fountains, etc. It is not recommended to be used in most concentrated solvents, refined oil wholesale,


concentrated acids and aqueous solutions of sodium hydroxide. The general operating temperature range is -55~250 ℃.




4. VITON fluorine rubber sealing ring


 The temperature resistance is better than that of silicone rubber, it has good anti-aging, ozone resistance and acid resistance, but the cold


resistance is poor. It has resistance to most refined oil wholesale and solvents, especially alkalis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic


hydrocarbons and small animals and edible oils. The airtightness regulations of diesel engines, fuel systems and pharmaceutical companies


can be used. Not recommended for use in macrolides, low-component lipids and nitrate-containing chemicals. The general operating


temperature range is -20~250 ℃.



5. FLS fluorosilicone rubber sealing ring


 Its performance takes into account the advantages of fluorine rubber materials and silicone rubber, corrosion resistance, washing resistance,


high quality and light fuel oil resistance, and high and low temperature resistance. It can resist the attack of oxygen-containing compounds,


solvents containing aliphatic hydrocarbons and sodium hypochlorite solution. Generally used in the scope of application of international


airlines, aerospace and national defense security. The manufacturer of rubber foam waterproof material does not recommend exposure to


macrolides and brake fluid. The general operating temperature range is -50~200 ℃.



6. EPDM rubber sealing ring


  It has good anti-aging, ozone resistance, abrasion resistance and acid resistance. It can be used to replace hydrocarbons and macrolides, 


and can also be used for airtightness in high-temperature water vapor geographic environments. Available in shower room accessories, car   


radiator and brake system mobile phone software. It is not recommended to be used in the food industry or exposed to mineral oil. The 


general operating temperature range is -55~150 ℃.


7. CR Neoprene Sealing Ring


 The resistance to sunlight and temperature is particularly good. It is not afraid of refrigerants such as dichlorodifluoromethane and ammonia,


and is resistant to dilute acid and heat dissipation grease, but it swells greatly in mineral engine oils with low aniline points. It is very easy to


crystallize and harden at low temperatures. It can be used in all kinds of geographical environments that touch gas, sunlight, ozone, and all


kinds of flame-retardant grades, and airtight links that are resistant to washing and corrosion. It is not recommended to be used in analytical


chemicals such as strong acids, fluorobenzenes, lipids, chloroform and macrolides. The general operating temperature range is -55~120 ℃.



8. IIR Butyl Rubber Sealing Ring



The airtightness is particularly good, heat resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, and cable sheath performance is good; it has


good resistance to polar solvents such as alcohols, ketones, esters, etc., and can be exposed to small animals and edible oils. Can be in


hydroxide. Suitable for chemical resistant products or vacuum equipment. It is not recommended to use it in addition to petroleum solvents,


motor gasoline or p-xylene. The general operating temperature range is -50~110 ℃.



9. ACM Acrylic Plate Grease Rubber Sealing Ring


It has good resistance to the wholesale of refined oil, high temperature resistance and aging resistance, but the fracture toughness, reduced


deformation rate and wear resistance are slightly weaker. Generally used in car transmission system and driving force car steering system.


Not suitable for use in boiling water, brake fluid, and phosphate esters. The general operating temperature range is -25~170 ℃.



10. NR natural rubber sealing ring


Rubber-plastic insulation board has good wear resistance, plasticity, tensile strength at break and tensile strength. However, it is very easy to


age in steam, becomes sticky when heated, and is very easy to swell and melt in mineral oil or gasoline. It is acid resistant but not strong acid.


It is suitable for use in liquids containing hydroxide ions such as automobile brake fluid and ethanol. The general operating temperature range


is -20~100 ℃.



11. PU polyurethane material rubber sealing ring


The industrial equipment performance of polyurethane material rubber material is very good, and its anti-wear and high pressure resistance


are far better than other rubber materials. The aging resistance, ozone resistance, and abrasion resistance are also very good, but it is easy to


hydrolyze at high temperature. Generally used for high pressure resistance, wear resistance and airtight links, such as hydraulic cylinders.


The general operating temperature range is -45~90 ℃.



12. Metal composite rubber sealing ring



It is made of stainless steel wire, without all rubber components, and has strong application characteristics. For example: keep everything


working normally in geographical environments such as high mechanical pumps, high and low temperatures, strong radioactive materials, and


all kinds of corrosion. The seal ring skin is made of different raw materials such as stainless steel plate, copper, polytetrafluoroethylene and


other raw materials according to the scope of application. The coated metal composite rubber material preform is used as the lining core,


which has airtightness and high tensile strength. The actual effect is very good, and it can be used repeatedly and so on. The seal ring core is


a prefabricated component produced by different fine iron wire diameters and densities, which can be used in different gas pressure sites. The


general application range is -80~800℃. This type of seal ring is more expensive due to rising costs. However, the high-quality performance


and the extensive use of the geographical environment have been unanimously recognized by everyone.