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Do a good job in the maintenance of excavator parts to extend the service life of the excavator

January 16, 2021

Excavators are often working in some dust, sand and gravel environments. After stopping the machine, all parts of the excavator must be inspected, repaired, and cleaned in time. The following editor summarizes several necessary inspection and maintenance methods for excavator parts.

1. Fuel management
According to the working environment temperature, use different models and standard fuels. Otherwise, the low-quality fuel with high sulfur content will cause damage to the engine; the diesel must not infiltrate impurities, limestone and water, otherwise the fuel pump will be damaged too quickly; the excavator driver needs to fill up the fuel tank after working every day Fuel, avoid water droplets on the wall of the fuel tank; open the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank to drain water before working every day

2. Management of engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil
It is not allowed to mix different types and grades of oil; ensure that the oil is clean and avoid the infiltration of debris (water, dust, particles, etc.); use different labeled oils according to the working environment temperature and use, and the working environment temperature If it is high, use the engine oil with high dynamic viscosity. If the working environment temperature is low, use the oil with a relatively small dynamic viscosity; the gear oil has a higher dynamic viscosity to meet the higher transmission load; the hydraulic oil has a smaller dynamic viscosity. Its purpose is to increase the resistance of liquid movement.

Third, the management of smooth grease
Smooth grease can reduce damage to sports appearance. In the storage and management method of smooth grease, care should be taken not to infiltrate dust, stones, water and other impurities; when refilling, try to squeeze out all the old oil and wipe it clean to avoid adhesion of fine soil.

Fourth, the maintenance of the filter
The filter plays the role of filtering impurities in the oil circuit or gas circuit, blocking impurities from entering the parts and causing failures; filters suitable for the machine should be used; different filters should be carried out according to the needs of the (operation and maintenance manual) When replacing the filter, check whether there is scrap metal sticking to the old filter. If there are scrap metal particles, it should be cleaned in time.
Secondly, when the excavator fails to work, please do not continue to use it for work, so as to avoid damage to other excavator accessories.