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Excavating skills and experience-excavator bearings

January 19, 2021


Before working in any location, obtain several blank site plans and mark them as color markers to show the main site and building staging issues: surface soil piles, infill piles, parking areas, material storage areas, layout locations, etc.

Before you start, learn about the handling methods and locations of stumps, trees, and brushes. Consider the practical difficulties and legal issues that may occur in the future.

Excavator bearing manufacturers remind you to know the scope of work before starting any work.

When the excavation started:
1. Grab a handful of topsoil or any organic soil, and squeeze it.

2. Familiar with texture, color and smell. Continue to find the soil in those places.

3. Grab a handful of soil, squeeze it, and quickly guess the soil classification.

4. According to the above instructions, continue to observe the changes in soil types in different regions.

5. Discuss the soil type with the excavator and understand the soil method.

6. The excavator bearing manufacturer allows the construction site contractor to agree to a smooth roll gradient under rain at any time.