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Excavator hydraulic system maintenance and fault diagnosis method

August 11, 2020

The hydraulic system is an important element in construction machinery, and it is also an important system structure in excavators. The hydraulic system has the characteristics of smart shape and easy installation, and it has the characteristics of stability and strong controllability during operation. In recent years, it has been widely used and praised both in industry and construction. In engineering construction, hydraulic excavator is a widely used machine. Its walking and rotation are controlled by the engine, and the hydraulic oil pressure drives the motor in the hydraulic box to work.Now let me introduce some relevant knowledge of excavator hydraulic system, including: excavator hydraulic system maintenance, excavator hydraulic system fault diagnosis method,  and daily maintenance of excavator hydraulic system.

First,Excavator Hydraulic System Maintenance

1. The arm lifts slowly and weakly, while other movements are normal.

(1) Check the blockage of the oil circuit.

(2) Check oil circuit leakage

(3) Treatment of internal leakage failure

(4) Inspection of the boom cylinder

(5) Inspection of the boom slide valve

(6). Elimination method
If the leakage test result in the cylinder exceeds the specified value, it should be disassembled for further inspection. If the sealing ring is damaged, replace it, if the cylinder wall is severely strained, replace it; if the boom valve is severely worn, replace it.

2.The arm works normally; the bucket works slowly and weakly.

Just pay attention to check the forearm (bucket) working slide valve, safety valve, and its seals.

3.The boom lift is slow and weak; the swing is slow and weak.

 Repair method
If the system pressure is low, it should be mainly analyzed and eliminated from the following aspects:(1) Check the pressure spring and valve inner seals for damage.(2) Internal leakage of the working pump.The pump should be disassembled and inspected. If damaged, it should be repaired or replaced.(3)After checking and dealing with the overall pressure problem of the system.

Second.Fault Diagnosis Method Of Excavator Hydraulic System
1. Visual inspection method

2.Exchange diagnosis method

3. Instrument measurement inspection method

Third,Daily Maintenance Of Excavator Hydraulic System

(1)Choose the right hydraulic oil

(2)Prevent the system from entering air

(3) Control oil pollution.

(4)Control the temperature of hydraulic oil