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Find the Perfect Seal Kit for Your Equipment at Suncar Supplies

May 17, 2023

Looking for replacement seal kits or to create your own OEM or OES seal kits? Is your dozer or excavator in need of a hydraulic cylinder rebuild kit? When you need the perfect sealing kit for your equipment, or your own OEM or OES program, come to Suncar Supplies! For more than one decade we have provided thousands of aftermarket, OEM, and OES, seal kits for all kinds of operations and equipment types. From boom cylinder seal kits to rear suspension seal kits, we are here to help. No matter your equipment or industry, our team will work with you to provide the correct solution the first time, every time.


What are seal kits?

A seal kit is a combination of a variety of seals and components that are required to outfit a certain component or part of a machine (such as a hydraulic cylinder rebuild kits). Instead of purchasing the seals separately, you purchase the entire kit (as all seals should be replaced at the same time).

Seals come in a seemingly endless variety of different sizes and materials, which can get confusing! That is why it is important to partner with a shop that understands the requirements for various industries. With such a large selection of sealing options to choose from, you want to be certain you are choosing the best solution for you. By partnering with Suncar Supplies, you are getting the best option for you. This is because we are dedicated to finding the seal kit (made from the right materials and in the correct sizes) that works best for your equipment and application. It is the only way to ensure a longer lasting seal that will maximize your uptime and productivity.