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Five reasons for excavator rollover, safety issues should start from the details!

December 31, 2020

Excavator rollover accidents often occur. Whenever you hear such things, do you feel a little scared? How many excavator drivers do not feel anything when they work, but when you think about it carefully, potential dangers are everywhere.

Today, let’s talk about the five reasons why the excavator rolls over. After reading it, we may benefit a lot!

The first reason for the overturn: hold the door frame when going downhill

When the excavator is working, you may encounter some uphill and downhill operations. Although there is no problem with the excavator going up and down, the improper operation of the excavator driver may cause the vehicle to overturn. For example, some excavator drivers like to put their hands on the door frame or window. If the door is not locked properly, the door is closed by gravity and the door is closed.

The second reason for the rollover: raise your arms while walking

Some novice drivers like to walk while raising their arms, which is actually very dangerous. This can easily cause an unstable center of gravity and cause the vehicle to overturn. When some novice drivers are walking, they not only raise their arms but also rotate, but they do not know that the seeds of tragedy have been planted. Therefore, the excavator must be stable and frizzy is not feasible.

Three reasons for overturning: the muddy land is easy to overturn

If you do not pay attention to safety when working in the muddy land, it is easy to get stuck in a car accident. Before operation, try the load-bearing capacity of the silt to see if there is any danger in driving up the excavator; secondly, do not always stop the excavator in one place for silt operations, otherwise it will work slowly in one place for a long time. Stuck the excavator; try to walk in a straight line when walking, turning will also cause the car to get stuck due to the deviation of the center of gravity.

Four reasons for rollover: blind spot

The excavator has several blind spots: one is that the boom blocks the front right view, and the other is the right tail. Pay special attention to these two blind areas when the excavator is walking or rotating, because the cab is on the left and the left side has a wider view, so try to walk on the left. The rearview mirror of the excavator should be repaired in time if it is broken, otherwise it is very dangerous.

Five reasons for rollover: riding on the ditch to work

When digging a trench, the driver sometimes needs to work on the trench. But sometimes, the construction worker asks you to go back and dig again, what should you do? If he tells you to turn the car back, don't listen! Try not to fall back when riding on the ditch, or the collapse may be irreversible. If you must go back and dig again, don’t be afraid of trouble, you can only backfill and dig again! After all, safety comes first!