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How much do you know about pneumatic oil seals?

November 12, 2021

      The seal used on the engine is a seal called a pneumatic oil seal. Pneumatic oil seals use compressed air


to block the gap of the rotating shaft and prevent leakage of the working medium.

      Pneumatic oil seal has the characteristics of simple structure. Usually, it is made by co-vulcanization of


the outer frame and fluoro rubber, but it needs a certain air supply pressure, so the consumption of compressed


air is very large, and the pressure of the air source is greater than the pressure of the sealing medium.


   Pneumatic oil seals are not blocked by speed and temperature problems. They are usually used to seal rotating


mechanical equipment with small pressure differences, for liquid medium oil seals and for gas medium oil seals


to prevent lubricating oil from leaking into the bearing cavity.

   A self-tightening spring or steel wire is installed at the sealing diameter to seal the valve guide rod of the engine.


The valve oil seal can prevent oil from entering the intake pipe and exhaust pipe, causing oil loss, preventing gasoline and


air mixture and exhaust leakage, and preventing oil from entering the combustion chamber.


    The valve oil seal is one of the important parts of the engine valve group. Since it will come into contact with


gasoline and engine oil at high temperatures, it is necessary to use materials with excellent heat resistance and


oil resistance, usually made of fluorine rubber.