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How much do you know about the use and maintenance of oil seals for excavator parts?

March 8, 2021

Excavator is a typical engineering machine that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. The hydraulic part plays a very important role in the normal operation of the excavator. The nature of the hydraulic part determines that it must have seals. Daily use and maintenance of excavator parts and seals is also an indispensable part. Today I will discuss the maintenance and use of excavator oil seals with everyone.
The oil cylinder of the excavator moves repeatedly, and its seal is divided into an external leakage part (shaft seal) and an internal leakage part (hole seal). Leakage part: installed on the cylinder head, if it is damaged, the hydraulic oil will leak out directly from the cylinder. The internal leakage part: installed on the piston, if damaged, it will cause the excavator to fall off the arm.
1. Leakage
Many people think that the most important part of the leakage is the main oil seal, but it is not. In the seal, only the price is different, but the value is different...
1. The main oil seal plays the role of oil sealing, and its importance is self-evident. The main oil seals of several major brands on the market are actually easy to use, and they are almost the same, but each brand has a different model. Therefore, when selecting oil seals, you should decide according to your actual situation. If the oil cylinder is older, the main oil seal of the reinforced excavator parts should be better. Or an oil seal with double lip design. If it is a new model or the pump core has just been processed, try to avoid using a reinforced main oil seal and a main oil seal with too high hardness.
2. Buffer, its contribution should not be underestimated. The buffer is installed in the innermost part of the cylinder head, and its main job is not to seal the oil (but since it is a seal, it has the function of sealing oil to some extent). Its main job is to buffer the oil pressure, and it is the most "difficult" of all the seals in the leakage part. It faces high pressure and high temperature every day. So I personally think that a set of oil seals does not leak, the main oil seal has the final say, and when the oil leak buffer has the final say. "R" type chamfered surface must be together with polyurethane. Otherwise, no matter how good things are, you won't be able to use them.
3. Dust-proof, it is installed on the outermost. Its working environment is the most variable. Its main job is to prevent external dust, water and other debris from entering the cylinder. There are two kinds of dustproof materials on the market, but in either case, the outer lip should not be too soft. By the way, some cylinders are designed without a snap ring groove in the dustproof position. When encountering this kind of cylinder, it is recommended to knock the iron sheet at a symmetrical position after installing the dustproof cylinder to make it slightly deformed. To prevent dust from falling off.
4. Cup Shi, a thing that makes everyone a headache. The price is very cheap. But it is not easy to disassemble and assemble. Therefore, many repairmen do not like to change the taxi. But this bushing is also a key part of excavator accessories. The lubricating coating should be replaced at one point when it is scratched.
Second, the internal leakage part
The internal leakage is the key to ensure the normal operation of the cylinder.
1. Internal leakage main oil seal. Four combinations and two combinations are commonly used now. It should be noted that many merchants on the market use SPGO instead of OK seals. The sizes of the two are indeed similar, and they can indeed be used instead. In fact, no matter the actual size or the groove design, there is a difference between the two. If it is not for emergency use. It is best not to substitute.
2. Anti-fouling ring. The two outermost tracks on both sides of the piston are antifouling rings. Play the role of guiding, supporting and adsorbing impurities. It is best not to think that the price difference should be replaced by wood cypress or nylon.
3. Wood cypress. Its size standard is crucial, especially if there is an error in the thickness of one side, it will cause the cylinder to be pulled directly. Therefore, it is necessary to check clearly when selecting and installing.
4. Gasket. If all gaskets in the cylinder are to be opened, they must be slanted, the effect will be significantly improved.