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How to choose hydraulic seals

September 23, 2021


   How to correctly select hydraulic seals is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic


system of construction machinery. Practical experience shows that by analyzing the requirements of the gauge pressure


system seals, the technical performance of the hydraulic seals can be mastered. Sealing mechanism. Use characteristics,


and according to requirements Reasonable selection of seals is an effective method to ensure the mechanical


performance of the hydraulic system;



   In the process of selecting hydraulic seals, the problem will be insufficient knowledge of seals and


lack of understanding of the night pressure system. Therefore, improper selection of seals often occurs


during the use of seals. Improper use of substitutes Reasonable, wrong model, etc., this will cause the hydraulic


system to lose its sealing function and cause serious consequences of crystal leakage.


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   There are many types of hydraulic seals. The key step is to select the seals that meet the requirements


according to their different characteristics. The hydraulic seals commonly used in construction machinery can


usually be summarized into two categories: self-sealing compact hydraulic seals and lip seals ;


Hydraulic seals need to withstand the high pressure of the system and should have the following characteristics:


1. High pressure resistance, the material of the seal should have high mechanical strength;

2. Low friction and wear. The material of the seal should have a lower coefficient of friction and


higher wear resistance. The design of the seal ensures that it works under better lubrication conditions;

3. Strong oil return ability to ensure that the oil film brought out can be brought back into the system


during the return stroke to achieve dynamic balance and prevent the formation of back pressure;

4. Pressure relief function, that is, the seal has the function of a one-way valve. When the system


pressure is low or drops to zero, the back pressure that has been formed can be immediately reduced


to prevent the occurrence of oil trapping;

Knowing the characteristics of the hydraulic seals described above clearly,


you will more accurately select the seals suitable for the hydraulic system, and there will be no improper


use of the seals that may lead to seal failure.