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How to clean Komatsu hydraulic parts

May 15, 2021

Komatsu hydraulic accessories include many types, and each of them is very important. Of course, everyone should remember their cleaning,


because this can ensure the usage of the accessories. The specific cleaning methods are the same as those of Komatsu Hydraulics. Let’s take a


look at the accessory manufacturers:




First of all, everyone should know that when replacing the hydraulic oil filter, first check whether there are some metal particles or debris at the


bottom. If there are some metal particles, the hydraulic pump or the hydraulic motor on the surface and the valve may be damaged. In the case, if


it is rubber particles, it means that there is a problem with the seal, so it needs to be repaired in time.




Of course, the Komatsu hydraulic parts manufacturer should also tell everyone that when cleaning the hydraulic system, don’t forget to use the


plastic plug for cleaning at the top of the sealed pipe. This is to prevent some water or Other substances enter the pipeline, thereby increasing


the workload. Also, when replenishing hydraulic oil or re-adding hydraulic oil, everyone should remember to ensure the cleanliness around the


filter box cover, that is, after adding the hydraulic oil, I hope everyone can clean it and don’t let the surroundings exist. Residue. The above are


some of the cleaning methods of hydraulic parts that Komatsu hydraulic parts manufacturers tell you, and I hope to bring you some small help.