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How to quickly choose 2 ways to buy seals?

October 26, 2021

1. Determine whether the sealed mechanical equipment belongs to static seal (fixed)


or dynamic seal (reciprocating, rotating, spiral).


◇Operation direction of main engine:


Determine whether the type of mechanical equipment is a reciprocating, rotating, spiral,


or static sealing (fixed) method.



◇The key to sealing is there:


Determine whether the seal is the inner rod seal or the outer piston seal. After understanding the


mechanical operation mode, we must determine the application environment of the seal (such as basic


specifications such as operating temperature, size, etc.).


Y-shaped ring for standard shaft of machinery department

2. Clarify the working environment of the seal, such as the working temperature and pressure


of the seal and the size of the seal.




The working temperature of the seal can refer to the following two methods to determine


the material of the seal:


1. Query the working temperature of the sealing ring according to the original machine instructions.


2. According to the actual working temperature, decide whether to use the seal of what material.




The pressure of the seal can refer to the following three methods:


1. Inquire about the working pressure according to the original machinery operating instructions.


2. Infer the pressure level by observing the hardness and structure of the seal used.


3. Use a hardness tester to test the pressure rating of the sealing ring.




In order to more accurately define the size of the seal. Please do not purchase or order the used seals,


because the used seals are affected by temperature, pressure and other wear factors that affect their original size.


The best way is to use a measuring tool to measure the size of the metal groove where the seal is located,


which is more accurate.