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How to quickly replace the excavator oil seal repair kit?

November 2, 2022

If we need to replace the excavator oil seal repair kit outside, how can we quickly solve the measures to replace the oil seal? Emmet seals tell you that it is time-consuming and laborious to replace by traditional methods, and it is difficult to quickly solve the replacement situation due to the impact of site environment and equipment limitations. Because you know the quick and easy method steps, you can improve the replacement efficiency.


1. If the environment allows, the excavator repair kit first unscrew the rotary joint and its related fixing screws, and then drag the lower transmission box with a liftable hydraulic trolley, and rotate it to a certain angle, so that the rear trolley can be lowered. , drag the lower gearbox to one side;


2. In order to prevent a large amount of hydraulic oil from flowing out during the operation of the rotary joint of the excavator repair kit, we use the oil breaker to cut off the oil return pipe, and unscrew the four fixing screws on the oil distribution plate;


3. Hang the iron hooks on both sides of the tensioner on the symmetrical oil pipe joints on both sides of the core, and then use the jack to hold the vertical drive shaft in the repair kit. When the jack is raised, the core can be pulled out, and the oil seal on it can be replaced. ;


4. The excavator repair kit uses the top sleeve to drag the core of the central rotary joint, and then uses the jack to push the core back to its original position, and the other parts can be assembled in the reverse order of disassembly;


5. The whole process of replacing the oil seal of the excavator can be operated by one person, and there is no need to disassemble any oil pipe. The liftable hydraulic trolley can be retrofitted with a horizontal jack, or the existing trolley can be used, and the oil breaker can be replaced by a fire glue clip, and the tensioner can be controlled. It is mainly composed of a bottom plate and an adjustable iron chain. A jack will do it. The whole operation does not require other auxiliary equipment, and the tools used are also very simple, especially suitable for emergency repairs outside.