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How would you choose excavator parts

April 26, 2021

Excavator is a huge consumer product. In addition to daily fuel consumption, its functional parts are also constantly worn out. After a period of use, it needs to be repaired or even replaced. Therefore, for construction machinery practitioners, accessories are not unfamiliar, but like a common condiment. But for novices, the classification and authenticity of parts need to learn more: if they are not replaced in time, it will affect the performance of the excavator; in addition, the parts market is deep and uneven. Next, let's introduce the purchase of excavators. Precautions for accessories!


When purchasing excavator accessories, you must choose according to the model of the excavator. Because different models of excavators use different accessories, you can only buy suitable excavator accessories if you know the model of the excavator accessories. If you do not know the specific model or accessories of the excavator, please bring the original as a reference when purchasing excavator accessories. Most excavator accessories have specified models and technical parameters. When choosing new accessories, there is a match in material, size or quality.


Purchasing excavator parts is a very meticulous job. If the parts are not selected properly, it is easy to cause the performance degradation and safety of the excavator, which will seriously damage the key parts of the excavator. In order to avoid operation delays and improve work efficiency, it is best to purchase excavator accessories accompanied by a knowledgeable person to minimize risks.


Parts are divided into original parts, accessory parts and accessory parts. The parts purchased by the OEM from the parts factory are sold as after-sales repair parts and are called pure parts. The quality is guaranteed, but the price is expensive. The original OEM parts of the host are from the same company, with the same quality and different packaging, but the price is lower than that of pure parts. However, due to the high price of original parts and supporting parts, considering the cost, many users often choose auxiliary parts for replacement after the warranty period. Accessories refer to accessories produced by the manufacturer without the authorization of the manufacturer. It has its own name and trademark, but no manufacturer's brand logo.


As we all know, chassis parts and wearing parts are all iron parts, which can be divided into accessories. These auxiliary materials are different in material selection and dosage, and the refining process is also quite special. Simply put, look with your eyes and measure with your hands. In terms of maintenance, it is the filter element and the oil. It is generally recommended to use the original filter element, but the original price is higher. If you use the filter element of the auxiliary factory, you must choose the lethality brand, which will play a key role in the maintenance and protection of the machine. The same is true for petroleum products. It is necessary to choose lubricants from regular manufacturers of big brands, which will greatly reduce future maintenance costs. During the use of the excavator, both the hydraulic cylinder assembly and the piston rod will inevitably damage the hydraulic cylinder. When purchasing, in addition to the original factory and supporting factories, the accessories must use the products produced by well-known and regular manufacturers. A good hydraulic cylinder has stable performance during use, and there will be no slag and iron filings, which effectively avoids damage to the hydraulic system.

Every excavator operator will more or less encounter engine or hydraulic pump problems, and many people are damaged by force majeure. Under normal circumstances, you will choose to repair. When repairing an engine or a hydraulic pump, how to choose accessories is particularly critical. The engine is the core of the entire excavator's power system, equivalent to the human heart, and the hydraulic pump controls the work of the entire excavator's hydraulic system.


When choosing repair parts, you must first choose the original factory, because the original factory has a lot of accessories and the quantity is just right. Most people think that accessories can be used after installation. This statement only applies to wearing parts and does not apply to engines and hydraulic pumps. Because these two parts are debugged before the excavator leaves the factory, the quantity of each part is accurate. After use, run-in to a better state. When replacing such accessories, if you use bad accessories, it will cause more trouble in the future. Such as: the engine sticks to the cylinder, pokes the cylinder, the engine oil is not fully burned, and the gears in the hydraulic pump tooth each other.