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Know what is a petroleum mechanical seal and its working application

September 9, 2021



  Petroleum mechanical seals are usually called end face seals vividly, which is a device to avoid harmful fluid leakage. In terms of working


principle, it is mainly to improve the sealing effect by means of fluid pressure and magnetic force. The end surface perpendicular to the axis of


rotation is kept fit and relatively sliding, thereby improving the quality of the seal.


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  Petroleum machinery seal is mainly composed of four parts, the sealing end face (combination of moving ring and static ring), auxiliary


sealing ring, buffer compensation part (composed of elastic elements), and the transmission part that promotes the moving ring to rotate with


the shaft. The main characteristics of petroleum mechanical seals are mainly manifested in their long service life, high reliability, small leakage,


low power consumption, and no need for frequent maintenance, less wear on the shaft, and can be well adapted to the actual production


process. High sealing requirements;



  The mechanical seals used in the petroleum field are basically the same in principle as ordinary mechanical seals. Under the action of spring


force and medium pressure, the non-rotating ring fits tightly to the rotating ring.


  On the rotating ring, during the selection process, the two sides slide relatively, and the radial fluid of the medium will be blocked. At this time,


the friction pair formed is the main seal of the mechanical seal. The downward pushing of the pressure of the spring and the medium will


compensate the damage caused by the friction of the dry friction pair, so as to maintain the durability of the tight connection between the


sealing end faces.



  The function of the sealing ring of the mechanical seal can also compensate the gap between the ring and the shaft to avoid liquid leakage


from the gap. The non-compensation ring and the gland are used between


  It is a non-compensation ring auxiliary sealing ring, which can prevent the medium from flowing out from here. In actual applications, the


auxiliary sealing ring of the petroleum mechanical seal does not have a relative motion state, which is a static seal.