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Knowledge points of the sealing effect of hydraulic seals

January 15, 2022


     For the formation of sealing effect, dynamic seals are divided into non-contact seals and contact seals; non-contact seals are mainly various


mechanical seals, such as graphite packing rings, floating ring seals, etc.;


   The rubber composite seal and the rubber-plastic composite seal belong to the contact seal, and the sealing effect is obtained by


blocking the leakage channel by the pre-compression force filled in the sealing cavity.


    The seals used in hydraulic systems are mostly static seals (face seals), reciprocating dynamic seals (piston, piston rod seals)


and rotary seals.

     Factors affecting the sealing effect: such as the choice of sealing structure and oil film formation, pressure, temperature, compatibility of


materials, the material of the working surface contacted by the dynamic seal,Hardness, geometry, surface finish, etc.;