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Let you be familiar with the key points of oil seal replacement and prevent installation wear

October 22, 2021


      Do you know how to replace the oil seal? Do you know the main points needed to replace the oil seal


in order to install it correctly? Below, the editor of Guangzhou Songka takes the installation of skeleton oil seal


as an example to tell you the key points of its replacement!




1. Skeleton oil seal replacement point one


In the process of replacing the oil seal, it is sometimes difficult to judge the oil leakage at the oil seal lip and


outer circle. In some cases, the engine can be turned off. After the temperature is completely cooled, the oil seal


at the suspected leakage point and its surroundings should be washed. After the gasoline is volatilized, spray chalk


dust evenly on the leak, restart the engine again and observe, it will be obvious whether it is the oil seal lip and


shaft neck leaking or the oil seal and seat hole leaking.



2. Skeleton oil seal replacement point 2


When you want to install the oil seal, pay attention to the direction of its front and rear positions, and the oil seal


and the seat hole have an interference fit. In addition, the mechanical strength of rubber is very low, and it is easy to


damage the outer ring of the oil seal. Therefore, during installation, you need to align the seat hole and push


it in (or pad a flat plate and tap it gently with a hammer). Do not hit hard if it is not aligned. If it is the quality


of the oil seal, it should be replaced.


During installation, the spring is easy to fall off and the inner ring is easy to flange. Oil should be applied to the


matching journal and pushed when rotating to avoid flanging of the inner ring of the blade when the journal is


scraped. After installation, carefully check whether the spring is firmly secured. Install in the ring groove and


keep the blade in the normal state.


3. Key points three of skeleton oil seal replacement


In actual use, it is necessary to add lubricating oil for assembly, but if the lubricating oil is too much, insufficient or


too thin, the sealing performance of the oil seal will decrease. If the lubricating oil is too thin, it will leak. When the


lubricating oil is severely private, it will cause the oil seal to overheat. , Causing sharp wear and even tearing at the


cutting edge. When the lubricant is too much, the cooling space of the engine body is relatively reduced and the


pressure is increased due to the increase in the running resistance of the crankshaft. Leakage phenomenon.


4. Skeleton oil seal replacement point four


For an engineering machinery engine to be overhauled, all the oil seals on the body must be replaced in principle,


because the aging of the oil seal is often difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It is a wise choice to replace


all the oil seals when the engine is overhauled.


5. Replacement point five of bone oil seal


When you need to reinstall the body, pay attention to whether the oil seal spring is intact, oil the shaft parts,


and install while rotating to prevent damage to the oil seal.


6. Key points for replacing the skeleton oil seal


The chamfer of the journal or valve seat hole that matches the oil seal should be free of burrs,


sharp edges, etc., and trim if necessary.


7. Oil seal replacement point seven


When measuring the diameter of the edge of the oil seal, you can remove the spring and carefully arrange


the oil seal by hand to make the inner ring as flat as possible. The average value can be obtained by a few


more positions. When measuring, the force should be appropriate, and the deformation should not affect


the measurement.


8. Key points for replacement of skeleton oil seal


Before installation, carefully check the appearance of the oil seal in accordance with relevant regulations.


The lip edge and outer surface of the oil seal must be coated with lubricating oil, and special tools for the oil seal must


be used for press fitting. Ensure that the tool is perpendicular to the plane of the body seat hole. The oil seal can be


press-fitted to the seat hole in an even and orderly manner, so that it can effectively avoid crooked installation or


excessive force damage to the oil seal.