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Master in one minute! Six steps to easily replace the excavator air filter

January 5, 2021


In order to protect the "baby golden lump" of the excavator

What efforts have you made?

In addition to being careful and careful when driving

In addition to purchasing good quality original accessories for ta during maintenance

Some excellent skills for daily replacement parts

Have you got it all?

Next, let's take a look

How to replace the excavator air filter?

Just six steps, easy to master

Teaching pictures comparable to old drivers

first step

When the engine is not started, open the rear side door of the cab and the end cover of the filter element, remove and clean the rubber vacuum valve at the lower cover of the air filter housing, check whether the sealing edge is worn, and replace the valve if necessary.

Editor: Before maintaining the air filter element, you must turn off the engine and ensure that the safety lever is in the locked position. If the engine is replaced and cleaned while the engine is running, dust will enter the engine; if you use compressed air to clean the filter, Wear protective goggles.

Second step

Disassemble the outer air filter element and check whether the filter element is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it in time; clean the outer air filter element with high-pressure air from the inside to the outside. Note that the air pressure should not exceed 205 kPa (30 psi).

Editor: After cleaning the filter element, if it is found that there are small holes or thin parts on the filter element when it is irradiated with a lamp, the filter element needs to be replaced.

third step

When disassembling and replacing the air inner filter element, please note that the inner filter is a disposable part, do not wash or reuse it.

Editor: Don't save money randomly, or you will waste a lot of money.

the fourth step

Use a damp cloth to clean the dust inside the shell. Note that high-pressure air blowing is prohibited here.

Editor: Remember it is a wet rag!

the fifth step

Install the air inner and outer filter element and the end cap of the filter element correctly, and ensure that the arrow mark on the cover is upward.

Editor: Remember to make sure that the inner/outer filter element is installed in place before tightening the fixed wing nut!

Sixth step

After the outer filter is cleaned 6 times or the working time reaches 2000 hours, the inner/outer filter needs to be replaced once.

When working in harsh environments, the air filter maintenance period should be adjusted or shortened according to the site conditions. If necessary, an oil bath pre-filter can be used or installed to ensure the quality of the engine's intake air. The oil bath type should be replaced every 250 hours The oil inside the prefilter.

Although the excavator is so big and strong

But we must treat it with care!

Today's air filter

It's like a barrier where air enters the excavator engine

Can filter out hard dust particles in the air

Provide clean air to the engine

Prevent dust from causing engine wear

Reliability and durability of the engine

Has a super big effect

Be sure to follow the prescribed maintenance time

Replace the air filter

Let the excavator be more powerful!