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Model selection of excavator accessories

May 20, 2021

Most excavator accessories have specified models and technical parameters. When purchasing excavator accessories, you must choose


according to the model of the excavator, because the accessories used by different models of excavators are different, and the selection of


accessories is not good. , It is easy to cause the performance and safety of the excavator. In order to avoid delays in operation and improve


work efficiency, please try to purchase excavator accessories with knowledgeable people to accompany the purchase, so as to reduce the risk


to a greater extent.



Therefore, only by clarifying the model of the accessories required by the excavator, can we purchase the appropriate excavator accessories.



If you don't know the specific model of the excavator or accessories, it is safer to bring the original when you buy the excavator accessories. It


is safer to make a reference and comparison.




It is well known that both the chassis parts and the wearing parts are iron parts, which can be distinguished in the auxiliary parts. The materials


and quantities of these parts are different, and the refining process is also quite particular. To put it simply, look with your eyes and hold it with


your hands. In terms of maintenance, it is the filter element and oil. The filter element is generally recommended to use the original filter


element, but the original price is higher. If you use the sub-factory filter element, you must choose a deadly brand, which will play a key role in


the maintenance and protection of the machine. In the process of using the excavator, it is inevitable that the hydraulic cylinder will be


damaged, whether it is the hydraulic cylinder assembly or the piston rod. When purchasing, in addition to the original factory and the


supporting factory, the auxiliary factory parts must be used well-known and regular Products produced by manufacturers.




The regular excavator parts manufacturer or original manufacturer not only guarantees the quality, but also guarantees higher accuracy in the


model regulations.