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O-ring seal is a kind of squeeze type seal.

December 11, 2021

O-ring seal is a kind of squeeze type seal.


   The basic working principle of squeeze type seal is to rely on the elastic deformation of the seal to form contact pressure on the sealing contact


surface. If the contact pressure is greater than the internal pressure of the sealed medium, no leakage will occur. ; Otherwise, leakage occurs.

     O-rings are the most widely used in static sealing. Under the conditions of correct design, installation and use, O-rings can achieve


absolute sealing without leakage in static sealing.

    After the O-ring is installed in the sealing groove, its cross-section is subjected to contact compression stress to produce elastic


deformation, and a certain initial contact pressure is generated on the contact surface. Even if there is no medium pressure or the pressure is


very small, the O-ring depends on its own elastic force. It can be sealed.



Recognize the failure types of some O-ring seals:


1. The material is incorrectly selected, and the O-ring material does not match the working medium;


2. Part of the O-ring "cold flow" into the sealing gap is damaged;


3. The sealing structure and form are unreasonable;


4. The groove size is not designed correctly, that is, the compression rate and stretch are beyond the scope of use;


5. The groove processing accuracy and surface roughness do not meet the requirements;