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Popular science excavator knowledge

March 15, 2021

Today, the editor will popularize the following two points to the digging friends:


1. What causes spontaneous combustion of the excavator?


According to the statistics of insurance companies, the fire point of excavator fire accidents is mostly near the diesel tank or the engine.

A higher proportion of fire accidents are caused by wear and short circuit of electrical circuits, oil leakage and disrepair of oil pipes, use of improper specifications of fuses, and improper electrical system modification. Or it may be caused by improper maintenance, dirty engine, improper operation, long construction work time and other factors.


2. How to avoid spontaneous combustion of the excavator?


First of all, the best way is to do regular inspection and maintenance for our excavators


a. Strengthen the awareness of firefighting. Fire extinguishers must be equipped in the cab, and regular inspections should be carried out at the fire-fighting equipment store. Once a fire occurs, self-rescue is the first time.


b. Check the engine, oil circuit and electrical system before operation to see if there is any leakage and aging.


c. Clean the engine system in time to ensure the cleanliness inside and outside of the engine.


d. If you smell burnt odor during operation, or find unknown smoke coming out of the fuselage, or when the dashboard alarms, you should stop the operation immediately, turn off the power, and leave the cab quickly.


e. Before the fire spreads, take out the fire extinguisher and find the fire place at the first time. The focus is to cool down the fuel tank and burning parts to prevent the fire from spreading.