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Popular science seal category: the role of support ring and pressure ring

July 7, 2021



   In order to ensure effective sealing under no-load and low-pressure conditions, the lip of the roar ring should be given a certain amount of


pre-compression, that is, after the sealing ring is installed, it must have an interference fit with the sealing problem, and if the interference is


large, the friction resistance.


    The sealing effect is not good if the interference is large and small. In order to ensure the use of the product, the interference weight of the


seal ring should reach 10*14% of the nominal cross section. In order to prevent the seal ring from "extrusion",


      The sealing coupling parts must have precise dimensions and a reasonable fit clearance.

     The inclination angle of the inner and outer lips of the seal diagram should generally be in the range of 5x 8x angles, the upper lip is


interference, and a certain gland is left on the surface of the lower lip and the rod or. This can not only reduce frictional resistance, but also


    Ensure the pre-pressure on the sealing surface. Taking this improvement measure will help improve the performance and service life of the


ring seal. Experience has proved that the sealing surface without dumping angle, not only friction the rubbing resistance is large, and the heat


generation is large, and the service life is short.


     The supporting ring plays a decisive role in the position of the sealing ring, while protecting the sealing ring, avoiding radial force, and


maintaining the function of the sealing lip, so its shape and dimensional accuracy directly affect the work of the sealing lip must also be


finished for this purpose. The angle of the supporting ring and the sealing ring are the same. In order to give full play to the function of the


sealing lip, let the medium pressure better act on the seal to make it fully open, the support ring not only does not give interference but also is


less than 2% 5% of the nominal cross-sectional width. The outer diameter should be smaller than the outer diameter of the lip, and the inner


diameter should be larger than the inner diameter of the lip, and there should be a set gap.

       In the case of high working pressure, it is necessary to open oil holes to make the pressure distribution of the pressure surface of the


sealing ring uniform, and several sealing rings can seal at the same time; at the same time, it can avoid non-I as lip

     Produce back pressure damage. The small arc-shaped groove at the top of the sealing ring contains air during installation. Try to remove it


when working. The method is to drill several small axial holes at the bottom of the support ring.


     The pressure ring is used to adjust the pressing force, and at the same time it also plays a role in positioning the sealing ring. Usually its


concave part and the angle of the sealing ring are the same, and it also needs finishing. When the internal pressure is low and the friction is


small, the concave the angle of the part can be larger than the angle of the filler, up to 96°. Unlike the support ring, it cannot have a gap, but


should have a certain interference. The interference of the pressure ring lip should be 6*~8%.



   The harder the metal material in the contact part of the V-shaped ring, the longer its service life. When used under high pressure and high


speed, the surface hardness of the sliding surface should be higher than HS60. Cast iron and steel are generally used for cylinder blocks,



  The piston rod is preferably hard steel. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc. are prone to corrosion in contact with rubber, which is


detrimental  to wear and tear. It is best not to use it (cylinder is available).



   The smooth surface of the sealing surface can not only reduce friction, but it should also be noted that the sliding surface is too smooth and


the lubricating oil is easily wiped off. The sealing ring is worn due to non-lubrication. -In the general cylinder


   The roughness Ra of the wall is 0.8~0.4 Hm. In order to reduce the friction resistance of the seal ring and prolong its service life, leap slip


measures should be taken at the seal slip part.