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Practical post! How to properly maintain and use the breaker?

February 4, 2021


Because the working conditions of the breaker are very bad, correct maintenance can reduce the failure of the machine and extend the service life of the machine. In addition to the correct maintenance of the host, the following points should be noted:

(1) Visual inspection

Check whether the relevant bolts are loose; whether each connecting pin is excessively worn: check whether the gap between the drill rod and its bushing is normal, whether the hammer and pipeline have oil leakage.

(2) Lubrication

The lubrication point of the working device should be lubricated before the operation and after 2 days of continuous operation.

(3) Replacement and inspection of hydraulic oil

The working time of the hydraulic oil of the construction machinery using the breaker is 600 hours to change. At the same time, check that the temperature of the hydraulic oil is below 800°C.

The choice of hydraulic oil determines the efficiency of the hydraulic breaker. Anti-wear 68# hydraulic oil is recommended in summer and anti-wear 46# hydraulic oil is recommended in winter.

According to the specific working environment of the equipment, please choose hydraulic oil as appropriate. The use of contaminated hydraulic oil will cause the breaker and the main body of the construction machinery to fail and damage the accessories, so please pay special attention to the grease of the hydraulic oil.


Correct operation can improve the working efficiency of the breaker and prolong the service life of the breaker. The operation precautions have the following points:

(1) Before each use, check the high and low pressure tubing of the breaker for oil leakage and looseness. In addition, check other places for oil leakage at any time to prevent the oil pipe from falling off due to vibration, which may cause malfunction.

(2) The drill rod should always be kept perpendicular to the surface of the rock during the operation of the hammer, and the drill rod should be compacted, and the crushing should be stopped immediately after breaking to prevent runaway. If the impact continues without purpose, the precursor of the breaker will be damaged and the main body may be injured if the bolts of the main body are severely loosened.

(3) Do not shake the drill rod during crushing operation, otherwise the bolt and drill rod may break.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to operate the breaker in water or mud. Except for the drill rod, above the front sheath of the breaker shall not be exposed to water or mud.

(5) When the broken object is a large hard object (stone), please choose to crush from the edge, no matter how big or hard the stone is, it is usually a more feasible way to start from the edge, and the same fixed point When hitting continuously for more than one minute without breaking. Please change the selected hit point and try again.