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Home - News - Sany Zhongli's little knowledge: Why does the oil of the excavator engine consume abnormally?

Sany Zhongli's little knowledge: Why does the oil of the excavator engine consume abnormally?

January 8, 2021

Causes of engine oil elimination

When the engine is working, the oil lubricates various important parts (such as turbochargers, pistons, cylinder liners, etc.). During this process, part of the oil will be burned, and part of the oil will be evaporated by the engine from the respirator. discharge. When the engine is suspected of burning oil, the correct method should be used to detect oil consumption. At the same time, the working condition of the engine (exhaust smoke, power, lower exhaust, etc.) should be checked, and whether the engine is leaking.

The oil consumption of all SANY models is within the normal range of 0.2% (2 liters of oil is consumed for every dry liter of fuel burned).

1. There is a certain tolerance range for the fit of various parts of the engine. The difference between the assembly tolerances of these parts will cause the oil consumption of the machine of the same model to be different.

2. Different equipment working conditions may cause differences in oil consumption. The greater the engine load and the higher the temperature, the viscosity of the oil will decrease and the oil entering the combustion chamber will increase accordingly.

3. When the machine is working in an inclined or uneven place, the oil in the oil pan sloshes back and forth, and constantly collides with the high-speed rotating crankshaft, forming a mist that is discharged from the vent to the outside, increasing the oil consumption.

Reasons for abnormal oil consumption

1 Air filter element oil filter is neglected to replace, dirty air and oil contaminated by the plate will cause abnormal wear of the piston and cylinder liner, which will increase the oil consumption.

2. The use of low-quality fuel will produce carbon deposits and some harmful substances in the combustion chamber, which will cause abnormal wear of cylinder liners and pistons, and increase oil consumption.