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Small knowledge of material classification and analysis of seal repair kits

June 23, 2022

In modern life, seals are closely related to our life and industrial production. SUNCAR Seals Company is widely used in metal plastics, fire protection, pharmaceuticals, ships, piping systems, automobile industry, various machinery, household appliances, electronics, sports equipment, pneumatic Components and bathrooms, etc.


The specifications and models of the seals can be made of different materials, such as vulcanized rubber, metal, plastic, graphite, etc., and can also be made of a combination of the aforementioned different materials. According to the different needs of customers, the requirements for sealing materials are also different, and they have different adaptability. The requirements for the material of the seal are generally:


1. The material must be dense and not easy to leak the medium;


2. The seals have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;


3. The compressibility and resilience of the rubber material are good, and the permanent deformation is small;


4. It will not soften or decompose at high temperature, nor harden or crack at low temperature;


5. The friction coefficient of the seal is small and the wear resistance is good;


6. It has the flexibility to combine with the sealing surface


7. It has good corrosion resistance, can work for a long time in acid, alkali, oil and other media, its volume and hardness change little, and it does not adhere to the metal surface;