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Some knowledge sharing of mechanical seals

October 11, 2021


   The mechanical seal is to seal the liquid medium through two sealing surfaces, and there are also


movable parts. The previous seal used ordinary packing, and the shaft milled the packing to rotate.


Now ordinary machinery sealing is based on the mutual grinding and rotation of two graphite sleeves.


  Mechanical seals are generally used in equipment such as centrifugal pumps, centrifuges,


reactors and compressors. Since the drive shaft runs through the inside and outside of the equipment,


there is a circular space between the shaft and the equipment.

   The medium in the equipment leaks outward through the gap. If the pressure in the equipment is


lower than the atmospheric pressure, the air leaks into the equipment. Therefore, there must be a shaft


sealing device to prevent leakage.


  The mechanical seal is a device that relies on the pre-tensioning of the static and moving ring


end face seal pairs by the elastic element and the compaction of the medium pressure and the pressure


of the elastic element to achieve the axial end face seal. General contact

And non-contact type. It is characterized by:


1. The leakage can be limited to a small amount, even invisible to the naked eye.


2. Long service life, the correct choice of mechanical seal with frictional load and specific pressure


can be used for 2 to 5 years, and the longest useful life is 9 years.


3. There is no need to adjust during operation (there is spring and fluid pressure).


4. Vibration resistance is better than radial seal.


5. The use of pV value continues to increase.


6. The organization is complex. Inconvenient disassembly and assembly (the number of parts is more than other types).