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Talking about the popularization of common knowledge of rotary shaft lip-shaped two-way sealing ring

August 21, 2021


  The rotating shaft lip seal ring can exert radial force on the shaft to prevent fluid or lubricating oil leakage and realize dynamic sealing under


rotating conditions; at the same time, it can also prevent the intrusion of external dust or sand. It is widely used in automobiles, tractors, Ships,


machine tools, engineering machinery and other equipment.


  With the development of various types of equipment in the direction of high-power and miniaturization, people have put forward new


requirements for the sealing structure and performance of the rotating shaft lip seal ring. According to the requirements, a new type of rotating


shaft lip seal ring has been oriented and developed; (two-way The sealing ring seals oil on one side and air seals on the side;) The quality of


the seal ring directly affects the normal use of the equipment used, and its sealing structure and rubber materials play a vital role.



   Common oil-resistant special materials for seals: J nitrile rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, fluoroether rubber, acrylic


rubber, etc.;



  High-performance sealing products require rubber with low compression set, excellent mechanical properties, oil resistance, heat resistance,


mechanical wear resistance and tear resistance, and low temperature flexibility. According to the process, performance and cost of the rubber


material, and passed the finished product test and assessment, a new type of rotary shaft lip-shaped two-way sealing ring was developed;



   The diameter of the sealing lip of the new rotary lip-shaped two-way sealing ring is smaller than the shaft diameter of the equipment. The


contact between the cutting edge and the shaft produces a fixed holding force. The metal spring of the rotary shaft lip-shaped sealing ring


produces radial embracing on the shaft. Tightening force, the waist of the rotating shaft lip seal ring produces a fixed elastic force on the shaft,


and the radial force generated by the superposition of these three forces on the shaft achieves the sealing effect. During use, it must not only


withstand the temperature of the medium, but also withstand the heat generated by the friction between the lip and the shaft; the air seal lip


mainly generates a certain holding force through the contact between the blade and the shaft to achieve elastic contact sealing;