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The development trend of construction machinery industry such as excavator bulldozer parts

May 27, 2021


  The history of human development is a history of tool development. Infrastructure construction is inseparable from engineering machinery.


   Since the 1980s, domestic and foreign engineering machinery product technology has gone from a mature period to a modern period.       


    Electronic technology, microcomputers, sensors and other technologies have transformed traditional construction machinery products.


Then, what direction will construction machinery develop in the future?

1. Energy saving and environmental protection

  People’s increasing attention to the environment reflects the public’s emphasis on environmental protection. According to data released by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in 2015, the average percentage of air quality in 74 cities including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and provincial capitals was 39.7%. Among them, the highest percentage of days exceeding the standard in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is close to 70%. The increasingly severe environmental problems in our country have become an indisputable fact. However, the pollution of my country's construction machinery and equipment industry is relatively serious, which is bound to become a major problem for the industry to solve in the future.

2. Modular design

  With the development of my country's construction machinery industry in the future, providing users with high-performance, high-reliability, high-mobility, good maintainability and economical equipment has gradually become the goal pursued by manufacturers. Therefore, in order to meet the individual needs of users, manufacturers should adopt a multi-variety, small-batch production method to develop new products with high quality and low price at the fastest speed. The most effective way to comprehensively realize the above requirements is to adopt modular design principles, methods and technologies.

3. Intelligent

  For the typical industry of construction machinery to survive and develop in the face of the cruel situation of international competition in the domestic market and the challenges of new technologies and new processes, the TQCS problem must be solved, that is, the fastest time to market (T), the best The best quality (Q), the lowest cost (C), and the best service (S) to meet the needs of different customers. The most effective means to solve this problem-intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing is the goal of "China Construction Machinery Manufacturing". From the current point of view, my country's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" puts forward higher requirements for the development of the construction machinery industry. Intelligent manufacturing based on flexible production, automation, and digitization will become the new industry standard. It is estimated that the fixed asset investment in my country's construction machinery industry will reach 100 billion yuan in 2015, of which the investment in intelligent manufacturing will reach 30 billion yuan. This will enable the overall intelligent manufacturing level of the domestic construction machinery industry to reach a new level at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

4. Human-computer interaction

  Since the 1980s, many large construction machinery manufacturing companies in the world have invested a lot of manpower and funds to promote the research and application of modern design methodology, namely ergonomics. In general, the key to the "people-oriented" design concept is to pay attention to the coordination of machines and people, improve the safety of man-machines, driving comfort, and facilitate the operation and technical maintenance of the driver. This not only improves the working conditions of the driver, but also improves In terms of production efficiency, some countries have set new standards for vibration, noise, exhaust emissions, and anti-rolling and falling objects of construction machinery, and even put them into law. Now all kinds of construction machinery are designed with anti-rolling and falling object protection devices to protect the personal safety of the driver, and they are designed and installed separately from the cab. There is sufficient space for human activities and a wide field of vision in the cab, and necessary sealing, vibration reduction, noise reduction and temperature control measures should be taken.

The application of electronic technology in construction machinery in the future will greatly simplify the operating procedures of the driver and improve the technical performance of the machine, so as to truly realize the "human-computer interaction" effect.

5. Robot

  In the future, construction machinery will transition from partial automation to full automation, and develop towards the trend of remote control and unmanned driving. With the intervention of artificial intelligence, construction machinery will accelerate its modernization process and gradually transition to the goal of fully intelligent robots. At that time, some new robotized operating procedures will emerge.

6. Informationized manufacturing

  Data shows that the comprehensive labor cost of coastal areas in my country is already close to that in parts of the continental United States. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the rising labor costs of the manufacturing industry and the decline of the new generation of laborers' willingness to find employment, the international competitiveness of my country's manufacturing industry will face a major crisis. Promoting the integration of "industrialization and informatization", entering the industry 4.0 era, and maintaining the competitiveness of my country's manufacturing industry are already a proposition that must be chosen.

7. Polarized development

  On the one hand, as my country's development in new fields such as energy, wind power, and nuclear power continues to deepen, large-scale construction machinery and equipment have become popular. We seem to be aware of the new equipment launched by various companies at the Shanghai Bauma in 2014. From crawler cranes Mining excavators have not only fully proved the advanced technical level and manufacturing capacity of my country's domestic construction machinery enterprises, but also further enhanced my country's market competitiveness in large-scale products in the international market.

  On the other hand, in foreign countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries, the infrastructure is relatively complete. Large-scale infrastructure construction projects are decreasing, while repair and protection and urban small-scale engineering projects are increasing. In order to save high labor costs and improve work Efficiency, all kinds of small and micro engineering machinery are very popular. These machinery and equipment will be used for construction work in narrow areas or be more widely used in family houses and small engineering projects. In China, my country's new urbanization construction projects are getting deeper and deeper, and the demand for small construction machinery and equipment will also show sustained and steady growth.

8. One machine with multiple functions

  One machine with multiple functions and diversified operation functions is a new technical feature of construction machinery equipment in recent years, and it will also be a major trend in the development of construction machinery equipment manufacturing in the future. The multi-function operating device has changed the single operating function. The factor that promotes this development firstly stems from the development of hydraulic technology. Through the reasonable design of the hydraulic system, the engineering device can complete multiple operating functions. Secondly, the birth of the fast replaceable link device. The hydraulic fast replaceable connecting machine installed on the working device can complete the quick loading and unloading of various auxiliary working devices and the automatic connection of hydraulic hoses on the job site, making it possible to replace the auxiliary working device. It can be completed quickly by operating the handle in the driver's cab.

9. Mechatronics

  Modern construction machinery is in a development era of mechatronics. The introduction of mechatronics technology enables the organic combination of machinery, hydraulic technology and electronic control technology to greatly improve the performance of construction machinery, such as power and fuel. Economy, reliability, safety, operating comfort, working accuracy, working efficiency, service life, etc. At present, the application of electronic control devices with microcomputers or microprocessors as the core in modern construction machinery has been quite popular. Electronic control technology has penetrated into many fields of construction machinery, such as automatic leveling of pavers and levelers, and pavers. Automatic feeding of materials, electronic power optimization of excavators, electronic speed regulation of diesel engines, automatic control of gearboxes of loaders and scrapers, state monitoring and fault self-diagnosis of construction machinery, etc.

  With the continuous development of science and technology, the performance requirements of construction machinery continue to increase, and the application of electronic control devices in construction machinery will be more extensive and the structure will be more complex. Especially with the increase in the number of imported and domestic construction machinery in our country, how to use and manage these expensive construction machinery to maximize efficiency, mechatronics is undoubtedly the development direction of construction machinery now and in the future.

10. Pay more attention to the development and selection of parts

  In order to gain greater competitive advantage in the future market competition, the design of construction machinery will pay more attention to the selection of high-quality parts and components, and pay more attention to the generalization, standardization and integration of parts. Pay attention to the systematic matching with the main engine, including the transmission system, hydraulic system, and electromechanical integrated control system, which greatly shortens the development cycle of the main engine product. Moreover, the standardization and generalization of parts and components are further improved, and maintenance is simplified to the greatest extent, which is an important symbol of the development of foreign advanced technology. For example, the operating handles, button switches, instrument panels, bolts and nuts in the cab have been fully labeled, universal, and installed in groups, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the cab.