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The use of sealing ring in life

December 4, 2021

        Sealing rings are widely used in life. As long as they can be used with machinery, they may use hydraulic valve seals.


They are as small as cigarette holder filters and as large as aerospace ships.



     There are many types of sealing rings, which can be divided into different types according to the raw materials:


comparing common silicone rubber sealing rings, fluorine rubber sealing rings, ethylene propylene rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene,


neoprene rubber, polyurethane and so on. According to the use, it can be divided into: acid-resistant sealing ring,


alkali-resistant sealing ring, high temperature resistant sealing ring, low temperature resistant sealing ring, oil resistant sealing ring and so on.




      In life, the machinery industry cannot start without a sealing ring, such as an oil seal. If there is no oil seal sealing ring,


oil leakage will occur. If it is serious, it will not even be able to operate. I often see news about crude oil leakage on the Internet.


In fact, this is because the oil seal is not done well or the quality of the seal is not good enough.



     Different sealing rings can work in different environments. For example, high and low temperature environment,


acid and alkali solutions, oil resistance, etc. Different materials should be selected for the sealing ring operating in different environments,


such as the high temperature resistance of fluororubber.



     Sometimes the hardness of the sealing ring is also an important factor that affects its function. Not all sealing rings are soft,


for example, PTFE sealing rings are quite hard. The mechanical seal ring should be checked frequently, and the abnormality should be


replaced in time, for example, the seal ring is deformed, cracked, etc. The main factor affecting the service life of the seal ring is the operating






     Temperature is the most important factor in the hardness of hydraulic valve seals. To keep the rubber seals elastic at low temperatures,


a certain amount of plasticizer needs to be added to the rubber. Long-term immersion in the operating medium, the plasticizer will gradually be


absorbed by the operating medium, resulting in a shortened seal aging. Therefore, the seal should be checked frequently.


Avoid accidents caused by aging.