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The world's top ten imported O-ring brand list

March 11, 2023

1. Taiwan WKF Taifu O-ring:


Taiwan Taifu WKF sealing ring brand was founded in the 1980s. It is a professional manufacturer of oil seals and seals. We have the ability to independently develop, design and mold various oil seals, O-rings and seals.

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The products of the whole factory adopt the quality assurance system of ISO9001 and TS16949, and the quality is strictly monitored so that they can all meet international standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS, SAE, etc. We always adhere to the business philosophy of quality first, customer care first, and attentive service idea. Continue to improve our product manufacturing process, R&D and service quality to enhance the market competitiveness of our products. At the same time, we will solve the problem of the sealing system of customer care with the attitude of customer first and attentive service, gain the trust of customer care and create a win-win future.
Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously put integrity and customer care interests in the priority position, and continuously strengthened service and management to enhance the company's reputation.
We can also deliver the products you want according to your drawings. If you have any questions about the seals, please feel free to contact us.

Taiwan Taifu WKF brand imported O-ring products include:

American standard AS568 standard O-ring, Japanese JIS standard P series O-ring, Japanese JIS standard G series O-ring, Japanese JIS standard S series O-ring, Japanese JIS standard SS series O-ring, Japanese JIS standard V series O-ring Type rings, JASO1.9 series O-rings, JASO2.4 series O-rings, JASO3.1 series O-rings, JASO3.5 series O-rings, etc.
Taiwan Taifu WKF brand imported O-ring materials include:
Nitrile rubber NBR material O-ring, fluorine rubber FKM material high temperature resistant O-ring, hydrogenated nitrile HNBR material O-ring, perfluoroether FFKM material corrosion-resistant O-ring, silicone SIL series O-ring, food grade certification O-ring ring etc.


2. Japanese NOK brand O-ring:

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With the rapid development of electronic machinery in today's industrial field, the significant progress in production automation, and the innovative industrial equipment that constantly challenges higher technology fields, NOK oil seals have always supported the development of performance leaps in the field of pneumatic/hydraulic work and control. As always, we insist on independent research and development of factors that affect the stability of sealing performance, such as the material of the seal and the shape of the sealing lip. Since 1960, NOK has continuously improved and optimized polyurethane elastomer materials, and researched and developed them as representative materials for seals. Now iron rubber for NOK seals (the internal name of NOK polyurethane material) can be said to be an ideal material for seals after considering the balance of physical properties and all factors.

Regarding nitrile rubber, fluororubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, etc., NOK is also actively working on the development of materials, and using its own blending technology, it is also working on polytetrafluoroethylene resin, polyamide (nylon) We develop and improve engineering plastics such as resins, and always prepare materials that are ahead of the industry to meet all needs of customers.
In the field of high technical requirements described by people as "the quality of the sealing device can reflect the industrial level of a country more than any product", NOK has been walking steadily for more than half a century.
In addition, starting from the original research conducted in the company, we cooperate with overseas NOK group companies, as well as partners Freudenberg and Freudenberg-NOK America, regardless of technology. Market dynamic information, etc. are closely communicated, and we will work together to provide the world's most cutting-edge technology. On the basis of these solid achievements, NOK is committed to new things, such as electronic equipment, atomic power, polymer chemistry, and products in new fields such as electrochemical transformation, optoelectronics, and bioindustrial science that can look forward to future technologies. research and development.
The various technical know-how accumulated over the years has gained high trust from a wide range of industries all over the world. NOK will also actively respond to this trust in the future. According to the increasingly high and gradually diversified unlimited needs of users, it will further improve its own technology and devote itself to the research and development of sealing-related products such as next-generation seals and engineering plastics. .


3. American DuPont Kalres brand O-ring:

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DuPont is a global company based on scientific research, providing scientific solutions that can improve the quality of human life in food and nutrition, health care, clothing, home and construction, electronics and transportation. Founded in 1802, DuPont operates in 70 countries around the world and employs more than 79,000 people.

Among them, Kalres is the brand of DuPont's perfluoroether rubber FFKM. Compared with other elastomers, Kalrez brand O-rings have longer durability and higher sealing efficiency in harsh working environments. Perfluoroether rubber can withstand the corrosion of more than 1800 kinds of solvents, chemical agents and other sealing media. FFKM perfluoroether rubber has excellent performance in corrosive sealing media. At the same time, perfluoroether FFKM material can withstand long-term temperature of 250 ℃-320℃.

They are suitable for highly corrosive chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas extraction, and aerospace applications. The long-lasting, reliable performance of DuPont Kalrez seals means less frequent seal replacements, repairs and inspections, and increased process and equipment uptime, resulting in improved productivity and yield. Kalrez seals can exhibit low outgassing in vacuum sealing applications.
Fluorine rubber (FKM) was first produced by DuPont in 1956, with the trademark VITON. Because DuPont is so well-known, in many people's words, VITON is FKM, there is no difference. It can be said that it is even marked as VITON in some drawings , but it is not necessarily specified to use DuPont's VITON, which means that this material is FKM