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There are many kinds of excavator accessories, how to choose and affordable

March 23, 2021

Excavators are large-scale consumables. In addition to the usual fuel consumption, all functional parts are also worn out all the time, and to a certain extent, they need to be repaired and even replaced. Therefore, for engineering machinery practitioners, the excavator accessories are not unfamiliar, but the same as the condiments of rough tea and light rice. But for rookies, the classification of accessories and the difference between authenticity and falsehood need to be learned more: if they are not replaced in time, they will affect the function of the excavator; in addition, the accessories market is very deep and the good and the bad are uneven, and the newcomers have no way to distinguish. Today, let’s talk about the Mech Alliance:

Eight types of accessories

①Specify the large and small arms, extend the length of the arms of the excavator, and lengthen the large and small arms (including the two-section extension boom and the three-section extension boom, the latter is the demolition arm)

②Standard buckets, rock buckets, reinforced buckets, ditch buckets, grating buckets, screen buckets, cleaning buckets, tilt buckets, thumb buckets, trapezoidal buckets;

③ Bucket hook, rotary hydraulic grab, hydraulic grab, gripper, wood grab, mechanical grab, quick change joint, ripper;

④Excavator quick connector, excavator cylinder, breaker, hydraulic shear, hydraulic ram, sensational hammer, bucket teeth, gear seat, crawler, carrier wheel, support wheel;

⑤Engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, base reversal, reversal support, walking drive, cab, operating valve, overflow valve, master control multi-way valve, etc.

⑥Electrical equipment

⑦Chassis parts

⑧Hydraulic parts