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Transport and Assembly of Oil Seals

August 12, 2022

Transport and Assembly of Oil Seals

1. The oil seal is a precision component, and improper assembly and storage will affect the performance. When transporting and storing oil seals, pay attention to:


1. Do not open the original packaging, pay attention to whether the packaging is damaged, and try to keep the oil seal in the original packaging before assembly;


2. Avoid direct sunlight, and do not place it near a high temperature heat source, because this will cause the rubber to age;


3. The oil seal should not be scattered at will, pay attention to dust and soil protection, and ensure that the oil seal is in a closed or covered state;


4. When transporting and using the oil seal, in order to prevent the deformation of the oil seal and the falling off of the spring, please do not give excessive impact;


5. The oil seal should not be tied with a string, nor should it be hung on a nail or metal wire, which will damage the sealing lip;


6. Do not put the oil seal in a damp place, which will cause the metal parts to rust;


7. Do not place the seal near the TV and where ozone is generated;


8. Please do not rub the end of the lip with nails or hard objects to prevent damage to the sealing lip;


Second, the assembly of the oil seal, no matter how appropriate the design of the installation part of the oil seal and the selection of the oil seal, if the assembly is rough, the predetermined function of the oil seal cannot be fully exerted.


(1) When the oil seal is installed, the outer surface should be coated with appropriate lubricant, the lip should be coated with suitable clean grease, and the oil seal with dust lip should be filled between the main and auxiliary lips.


Fill with suitable clean grease before assembling.


(2) Turn the sealing lip end of the oil seal toward the side of the sealing medium, and avoid reverse assembly.


(3) When the oil package is inserted into the seat hole, it should be pushed in with a special tool to prevent the position from being skewed.


(4) Various measures should be taken to prevent damage to the lip at the threads, keyways, and splines through which the oil seal lip passes, and special tools should be used to assemble it.


(5) The oil seal should be placed in the seat hole horizontally and pressurized evenly. Do not push it obliquely.


Attached the following picture: the proper and improper method of oil seal installation

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