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Understand the sealing principle of Y-type oil seal leakage

December 8, 2021

      Y-shaped oil seal is a kind of oil seal with a Y-shaped sealing cross-section. Its starting friction test results show that starting friction has


little relationship with stopping time. Guangzhou oil seal parts manufacturer tells you: This also greatly reduces the leakage problem of the oil


seal during work. 



     What is the sealing principle of the Y-type oil seal? The lip of the sealing pair is connected to the coupling surface of the sealing pair


through the opening lip. There is no internal pressure, just because the deformation of the lip tip has little effect on social pressure. In the case


of sealing, there is a normal pressure equal to the ambient pressure of the medium at every point in contact with the working medium, so that


the bottom of the lip ring is compressed in different axial directions, and the lip product is in the circumferential direction. Under pressure, the


contact with the sealing surface begins to widen, and the stress increases during the contact process.


      When the internal pressure rises again, the distribution and size of the contact pressure will further develop and change, the lip and the


sealing surface are designed to fit more closely, and the sealing performance is better. This is the "self-sealing effect" of the Y-ring.



         Y-type oil seals can be mainly used for reciprocating seals. According to the analysis of its basic working principles, it can be seen that


Y-type oil seals can only play a certain role when the lip is installed to the high-pressure side. Therefore, Y-type oil seals can only function in one