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What are the characteristic requirements for the seals of the cylinder repair kit?

November 11, 2021

       The main seal of the cylinder repair kit is to withstand the high pressure of the mechanical system. What are the characteristics?

Guangzhou SUNCAR tells you that you must have high pressure resistance, and the material requirements of the seals must also have higher mechanical strength. The low friction of the piston movement of the seal of the oil cylinder repair kit, the seal ring model must be worn during the operation process, so the seal material should have a low friction coefficient and high wear resistance, and a better lubrication work state cannot be separated from the seal Intact.

      The state of the oil film comes from the strong oil return ability, and the operation ensures that the oil is brought back and forth to the inside of the system during the uniform process to ensure the balance of the dynamic seal. The function of the one-way valve of the oil cylinder seal, when the system pressure is low or drops to zero, the back pressure that has been formed can be immediately reduced to prevent the occurrence of oil trapping.


     The secondary seal of the hydraulic cylinder seal acts as the second seal. When it is under low pressure or not under pressure, its main function is to block the oil film passing through the main seal to ensure zero leakage during the formation process. What characteristics should the secondary seal have?


      First of all, good low-pressure sealing performance is important during the operation of the construction machinery system, so the low-pressure sealing performance should be good; secondly, the friction process and wear and sealing conditions of the low-pressure are reduced; at the end, it must be able to withstand the high pressure of the system for a short time, that is, under severe working conditions. When the back pressure is formed in the environment, it can also ensure the reasonable operation of the machine and the seal.