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What aspects should be paid attention to when using O-rings

February 9, 2022

    O-rings are widely used in various hydraulic and pneumatic fittings, cylindrical surfaces and flange surfaces. For the O-ring used in the process of movement, when the working pressure is greater than 10MPa, such as one-way pressure, a retaining ring is set on the other side of the O-ring pressure direction; Place a retaining ring on each side of the ring. To reduce friction, wedge-shaped retaining rings can also be used. When the pressure liquid acts from the left, the right retaining ring is pushed up, and the left retaining ring is not in contact with the surface to be sealed, so the friction force is reduced. In general, the use of retaining rings will increase the friction of the sealing device, and the wedge-shaped retaining ring is of great significance to reduce this friction. For fixed O-rings, when the working pressure is greater than 32MPa, a retaining ring is also required.


   When an O-ring is used as a reciprocating seal, care must be taken for damage caused by the torsional rolling of the seal and increase in friction caused by sticking, resulting in failure. If the O-ring is properly assembled and the operating conditions are appropriate, it is generally not easy to roll or twist under the reciprocating state, because the contact area of ​​the O-ring with the sealing groove is larger than the frictional contact area on the sliding surface, and The resistance of the O-ring itself would have prevented twisting. At the same time, the distribution of friction forces also tends to keep the O-ring stationary in its groove, because static friction is greater than sliding friction, and the sealing groove surfaces are generally not as smooth as sliding surfaces.


   The service life of O-rings is directly related to many factors, such as use conditions, assembly quality, material of moving parts, machining accuracy, lubrication conditions, and dust-proof measures. Therefore, the exact service life of the O-ring can only be judged according to the specific working conditions. O-rings for dynamic seals are wearing parts. In any application of reciprocating motion seals, they must be used according to the rated data or capacity of the seal, and must be properly assembled in order to obtain satisfactory performance.

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