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What is the difference between TC, SC, TF, SF four types of oil seals?

October 27, 2021

     The commonly used oil seal forms are TC, SC, TB, SB, TA, SA. Many people are not particularly familiar


with the two types of TF and SF oil seals. Let’s talk about the four types of TC/SC and TF/SF below. Oil seal.


     First of all, these four types of oil seals belong to a type of skeleton oil seals. They all belong to the inner-wrapped


skeleton oil seals, and their movement methods are all rotary types.


1, TC type


TC type oil seal is the most commonly used oil seal form in modern industry. TC is an inner frame and outer


rubber double lip frame oil seal. In some places, it is also called a lip seal. T stands for double lip and C stands for


rubber coated. The main lip of the double-lip skeleton oil seal is used to prevent oil, and the secondary lip


is used to prevent dust.


2, SC type


SC type oil seal is a single-lip outer rubber skeleton oil seal. Compared with TC type, it lacks a dust-proof lip,


which is suitable for sealing in a dust-free environment.


3, TF type


TF oil seal is not a particularly common type of oil seal in daily sealing equipment, because it belongs to


the rubber-covered iron shell type oil seal. Generally, the cost of this type of oil seal is much higher than that of


the TC type. It is more commonly used in corrosive environments. The oil seal carbon steel shell skeleton is not


resistant to corrosive environments, so it is necessary to cover all the oil seal iron shell skeleton with specific


corrosion-resistant rubber to protect the oil seal skeleton so that corrosion will not occur. Generally, TF type


oil seals They are all made of fluorine rubber and stainless steel springs, so that they can be used for a long time


in high temperature and corrosive environments.


4, SF type


The SF type is the same as the TF type oil seal, which is a rubber full-coated steel skeleton type oil seal.


The difference between SF and TF is that SF is a single-lip seal suitable for dust-free environment, while TF


is a double-lip seal, which is dustproof. Also oil-proof.