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Which excavator parts are easily damaged?

April 2, 2021

1. Poor contact of the battery cable pile head and oxidation of the contact surface will greatly increase the probability of damage to the computer board's CPU and meters. The principle is the same as that of household appliances. If the fuse box is poorly contacted or the switch is not contacted well, the bulb will always be on. Dark changes can easily burn out the bulb. The mechanical electrical system is the same as the household electrical appliances, so you must always pay attention to whether the battery pile head contacts are secure.


2. The battery cable is connected reversely. This is a very serious mistake. The damage rate is extremely high. In the slightest, the wire will be burnt, and the power circuit and CPU of the computer panel and instrument will be burned out. Some excavators are connected with diodes in series, and the power supply is positive. If the negative pole is reversed, these diodes will basically be burned out, and the fuse will certainly not be spared.


3. Throttle motor failure or abnormal operation. The throttle motor used in the excavator includes DC motor and stepper motor. If the motor is overheated and short-circuited, it is very easy to burn out the throttle control circuit of the computer board. This is an inevitable failure. Please pay more attention to it at ordinary times. Keep the throttle motor assembly of the excavator clean, and the probability of failure will be reduced; when the excavator is powered on, the throttle motor connecting rod of the excavator cannot be pulled. If you have to use force to move the throttle lever, It is very likely that the computer board of the excavator will be burned out; the representative brand of machinery that uses stepper motors is Komatsu Machinery.


4. When it is difficult to start the excavator in cold weather, add the battery 36V power supply to start the machine. This method of operation is often used on the old excavator. If it is operated on a machine controlled by a computer board in a newer model, it may cause problems. Burn the main power relay and the safety relay. When these two relays burn out and cause the internal coil to short-circuit, the computer board and instrument on the excavator will also burn out.


5. Water enters into the computer board or instrument of the excavator. This phenomenon is very common and it is also extremely destructive. Especially when the computer board is charged with water, it will basically burn all the copper foil of the internal circuit board and oxidize it, which cannot be repaired. There is a situation that water enters into the computer board plug harness, which will cause the fault of the computer board's pins to oxidize, and the phenomenon is that the pins and the solder joints of the circuit board are in poor contact.


6. The maintenance master misoperation. Many mechanical maintenance masters do not understand the circuit. When they suspect that an electronic part is not working properly, they will think of using the short circuit method to test whether the circuit is normal. This short circuit operation method is the least of the circuit repairs. It is recommended, it is very harmful.