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Parker OK Seal For Cylinder Piston Seal

Parker OK Seal For Cylinder Piston Seal

  • High Light

    7250PSI Hydraulic Piston Seal


    PTFE hydraulic piston seal


    500bar o ring piston seal

  • Material
  • Brand
  • MOQ
    100 Pcs/Accept Trial Order
  • Transport
    By Air, By Sea, By Express ( FedEx , UPS,DHL,TNT Etc.)
  • Temperature
    -22 ° To 212 ° F
  • Pressure Range
    0 To 8700PSI
  • Surface Speed
  • Keyword
    Mechanical Parts Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod, Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod, Chrome Hydraulic Cylinder Rod
  • Hardness
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    OK Piston Seal
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    100 pcs
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    PP Bag Inside,Carton Box Outside.
  • Delivery Time
    3-7 Days After Payment Received(Public Holiday Excluded)
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union,
  • Supply Ability
    550 Pcs Per Week.

Parker OK Seal For Cylinder Piston Seal

Parker OK Seal For Cylinder Piston Seal


The OK profile is a bi-directional piston seal designed for heavy duty hydraulic applications. Its durable, two-piece design installs easily onto a solid piston without the necessity of auxiliary tools. When installed into the bore, the diameter of the OK profile is compressed to close the step cut in the cap to provide excellent, drift free sealing performance. The glass-filled nylon sealing surface handles the toughest applications. It will resist shock loads, wear, contamination, and will resist extrusion or chipping when passing over cylinder ports. The rectangular nitrile energizer ring ensures resistance to compression set to increase seal life. The OK profile is sold only as an assembly. See part number nomenclature.


Size Information:


OK-25*16*4.2 OK-165*144*8
OK-32*21*4.2 OK-170*149*8
OK-40*26.3*5.8 OK-175*154*8
OK-40*29*4.2 OK-180*159*8
OK-50*34.5*6.3 OK-190*169*8
OK-50*36.3*5.8 OK-200*179*8
OK-50*37*8 OK-210*189*8
OK-50*39*4.2 OK-220*199*8
OK-55*44*4.2 OK-220*205*8
OK-60*41.7*7 OK-230*209*8
OK-60*49*4.2 OK-240*225*8
OK-63*44.7*7 OK-250*229*8
OK-63*47.5*6.3 OK-260*239*8
OK-63*52*4.2 OK-270*249*8
OK-70*51.7*7 OK-280*255.5*8
OK-70*54.5*6.3 OK-290*271*9.5
OK-70*59*4.2 OK-300*272*9.5
OK-75*54*8 OK-320*292*9.5
OK-75*59.5*6.3 OK-330*302*9.5
OK-80*59*8 OK-350*322*9.5
OK-80*64.5*6.3 OK-370*342*9.5
OK-85*64*8 OK-420*392*9.5
OK-90*69*8 OK-450*422*9.5
OK-90*74.5*6.3 OK-480*452*9.5
OK-95*74*8 OK-140*119*8
OK-100*79*8 OK-140*125*8
OK-100*84.5*6.3 OK-145*124*8
OK-105*84*8 OK-150*129*8
OK-110*89*8 OK-150*135*8
OK-110*94.5*6.3 OK-152.4*131.5*8
OK-115*94*8 OK-160*139*8
OK-115*100*8 OK-160*148*8
OK-120*99*8 OK-130*114.5*6.3
OK-125*104*8 OK-130*115*8
OK-125*109.5*6.3 OK-135*114*8
OK-130*109*8 OK-135*119.5*6.3



Some Oem Number Here For Your Reference:


OK-0025-00704 OK002500704 VOE11107304
OK-0032-00704 OK003200704 VOE11107806
OK-0040-00701 OK004000701 VOE11107810
OK-0040-00704 OK004000704 VOE11107811
OK-0049-00701 OK004900701 VOE11107273
OK-0050-00701 OK005000701 VOE11107812
OK-0051-00704 OK005100704 VOE11107103
OK-0050-00704 OK005000704 VOE11107814
OK-0054-00704 OK005400704 VOE11107817
OK-0061-00704 OK006100704 VOE11107818
OK-0060-00704 OK006000704 VOE11107207
OK-0063-00701 OK006300701 VOE11107821
OK-0062-00701 OK006200701 OK024000701
OK-0064-00704 OK006400704 OK025000701
OK-0070-00701 OK007000701 OK026000704
OK-0072-00704 OK007200704 OK027000701
OK-0070-00704 OK007000704 OK028000701
OK-0075-00701 OK007500701 OK029000701
OK-0076-00701 OK007600701 OK030000701
OK-0080-00701 OK008000701 OK032000701
OK-0083-00701 OK008300701 OK033000701
OK-0085-00701 OK008500701 OK035000701
OK-0090-00701 OK009000701 OK037000701
OK-0091-00701 OK009100701 OK042000701
OK-0095-00701 OK009500701 OK045100701
OK-0100-00701 OK010000701 OK048000701
OK-0101-00701 OK010100701 OK-0250-00701
OK-0105-00701 OK010500701 OK-0260-00704
OK-0110-00701 OK011000701 OK-0270-00701
OK-0111-00701 OK011100701 OK-0280-00701
OK-0115-00701 OK011500701 OK-0290-00701
OK-0116-00701 OK011600701 OK-0300-00701
OK-0120-00701 OK012000701 OK-0320-00701
OK-0125-00701 OK012500701 OK-0330-00701
OK-0124-00701 OK012400701 OK-0350-00701
OK-0130-00701 OK013000701 OK-0370-00701
OK-0131-00701 OK013100701 OK-0420-00701
OK-0132-00701 OK013200701 OK-0451-00701
OK-1135-00701 OK113500701 OK-0480-00701
OK-0135-00704 OK013500704 OK071500704
OK-0140-00701 OK014000701 OK018000701
OK-0141-00701 OK014100701 OK019000701
OK-0145-00701 OK014500701 OK020000701
OK-0150-00701 OK015000701 OK021000701
OK-0151-00701 OK015100701 OK0220-00701
OK-0152-00701 OK015200701 OK022100701
OK-0160-00701 OK016000701 OK023000704
OK-0163-00701 OK016300701 OK-0220-00701
OK-0165-00701 OK016500701 OK-0221-00701
OK-0170-00701 OK017000701 OK-0230-00704
OK-0715-00704 OK-0210-00701 OK-0240-00701
OK-0180-00701 OK-0200-00701 OK-0190-00701

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