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DEERE-4654422 Arm Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Kits for DEERE 220DW

DEERE-4654422 Arm Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Kits for DEERE 220DW

  • Features
    Oil Resistance;Sealing Oil
  • Brand
  • Type
    Bucket Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Part Number
  • Working Medium
    Hydraulic Oil, Gas,water, Etc
  • Material
    PU, Rubber, PTFE, NBR, HNBR, ACM, VMQ
  • Application
    Excavators ;DEERE;Construction Machinery Spare Parts Repair Store,Resell Store
  • Feature
    High Efficiency, Long Life;Seal Performance
  • Style
    Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit
  • Medium
    Hydraulic Oil, Anti-fire Fluid, Water, Gas Etc
  • Fits Models
    DEERE 225DLC 220DW
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    DEERE-4654422 Arm cylinder Seal Kit
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Accept trial order
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    PP Bag Inside,Carton Box Outside.
  • Delivery Time
    3-7 Days After Payment Received(Public Holiday Excluded)
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union,
  • Supply Ability
    550 Sets Per Week.

DEERE-4654422 Arm Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Kits for DEERE 220DW

DEERE-4654422 Arm Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Kits for DEERE 220DW



The DEERE-4654422 Arm Cylinder Seal Kit is specifically designed for the DEERE 220DW excavator model. It comprises seals that are essential for maintaining the proper functioning of the arm cylinder, boom cylinder, and bucket cylinder. These cylinders are integral components in excavators and perform critical tasks during operation.

The arm cylinder, often referred to as the top cylinder, controls the movement of the excavator's arm. It enables the arm to extend and retract, providing the necessary flexibility for a variety of digging and lifting operations.

The boom cylinder is another vital cylinder in excavators as it connects the boom, the elongated arm supporting the digging bucket, to the main body of the machine. It regulates the vertical movement of the boom, allowing for smooth lifting and lowering of the bucket.

The bucket cylinder is responsible for managing the movements of the bucket itself. It facilitates the opening and closing of the bucket, enabling efficient excavation, scooping, and material dumping.

Hydraulic cylinder seal kits, such as the DEERE-4654422, are crucial for ensuring the proper operation of these cylinders. These kits consist of seals, O-rings, and other sealing components designed specifically to create an effective seal and prevent hydraulic fluid leakage. They play a vital role in maintaining hydraulic pressure, preventing downtime, and facilitating the smooth functioning of the excavator.

The seals included in these hydraulic cylinder seal kits are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions encountered in hydraulic systems, including high pressures, temperature variations, and continuous movement. They effectively seal the cylinders, ensuring reliable performance and minimizing the risk of fluid leakage.

The use of hydraulic cylinder seal kits is widespread across various mechanical devices, machinery, and equipment due to their efficient sealing capabilities. By preventing fluid leakage, these kits contribute to the overall performance, reliability, and longevity of hydraulic systems. This leads to reduced maintenance costs, improved uptime, and enhanced operational efficiency.

By selecting and installing the appropriate hydraulic cylinder seal kit, such as the DEERE-4654422 Arm Cylinder Seal Kit for the DEERE 220DW excavator, operators and maintenance personnel can optimize the functionality and extend the service life of the arm, boom, and bucket cylinders. This ultimately enhances the productivity and efficiency of excavation operations.



Product name DEERE-4654422 Arm Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Kits for DEERE 220DW
Brand name SUNCAR
OEM number DEERE-4654422
MOQ Accept trial order
Material PU, Rubber, PTFE, NBR, HNBR, ACM, VMQ
Fits models


Function Dust proof, Shaft seal,high and low temperature resistance


Medium Hydraulic oil, anti-fire fluid, water, gas etc

High temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure,
friction resistance

Transport mode Air, Sea, Express ( FedEx , UPS,DHL,TNT etc.)
Certification ISO9001
Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Working temperature FKM(-20~200°C),Silicone (-70~220°C)
Temperature EPDM(-50~150°C),PU(-40~90°C)
Temperature NBR(-40~120°C),FFKM(-20~320°C)

Excavators, Deere;Consturction machinery repair store;Resell store

Stock In rich stock
Make up Dust seal;O-ring,back-up ring;piston ring;wear ring
Condition 100% new

Hydraulic arm cylinder seal kit


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DEERE-4654422 Arm Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Repair Kits for DEERE 220DW 0