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Common classifications of engineering machinery seals

February 23, 2024

Common types of seals in construction machinery include:


1. **O-ring: ** Ring-shaped seals are widely used in various construction machinery and provide excellent sealing performance.


2. **Oil seal: ** Installed on the shaft to prevent lubricating oil from leaking and preventing pollutants such as dust from entering mechanical parts


3. **Sealing strip: ** Used to fill or seal two adjacent surfaces to prevent liquid or gas leakage.


4. **Piston sealing ring: ** Installed on the piston to prevent liquid from leaking from the cylinder.


5. ** diaphragm sealing: ** Thin film-like seals, usually used in high-temperature or high-pressure environments, provide reliable sealing performance.


6. ** Rotating seal: ** Installed on the rotating shaft to prevent liquid leakage, commonly found in the rotating connection part of the hydraulic system.


The choice of these seals depends on the specific requirements of the application, including the working environment, temperature, pressure and the required sealing performance.